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Takagi is a leading company of water solution products with the number one market share in Japan.

Since 1961, we have strived to the bettering of society by "providing people with a comfortable and affluent life." With our corporate slogan, "Designing Water", we are expanding globally to provide customers all over the world with this new standard and are now prepared to enter the Australian market.

Founded by Mr Toshio Takagi, we started with plastic injection molding and high-precision mold manufacturing. To this day this business segment is a key pillar for the high-quality standards we impose on ourselves. In addition, most demanding customers from the automotive and electronic sector belong to our clientele.

In Japan, we are the market leader in watering products for household use. Our products offer and unmatched gentle and fine water jet, a compact and light but sturdy design and innovative features such as One-Click locking levers for our sprayers. Formal recognition include renowned design awards such as “iF product Design Award” and “Red Dot Award” in Germany.

For our most notable works of water filtering products, we have about 1.4 million registered households. Made in Japan at high quality, the product's ease of use and maintenance has contributed to its rising popularity. The industry’s first-ever built-in water filter tap received the “Parenting Award” in Japan which honors products that support parenting throughout the society.